Pre-course International Export Control

Welcome to our Pre-course for the attendance course on “international export control and its application in the financial sector”. In order to inform about the basics and to give a prospect to the later attendance course, we have designed the following pages for preparation for an introductory course into international export control as an attendance course plus additional information and referrals to other useful information for this topic. Please click through the different pages.

Our pre-course gives the participants the opportunity to refresh important keywords and their meaning prior to the attendance course. Therefore, it is meant to be completed in 30 min and does not claim to educate in all relevant details and further questions. It is not designed for a special country but shows more international basics using partly simplified assumptions. The attendance course itself will give further more detailed information on relevant issues of export control. Participants are welcome for detailed questions in the attendance course which will take place later.

The whole content of the following pages is drafted by lawyers but is not meant to be legal advice neither for the participants of the later attendance course nor to any other reader of those texts. It is strongly advised to seek individual legal advice in case of application of the described legal issues. If it is wished to instruct me as solicitor, registered in Germany, please feel free to contact me under the address given in the imprint or under:

All texts are protected by copyright. To copy or publish those texts please ask for permission.

Enjoy our overview! We are looking forward to see you at the attendance course. Comments to this Pre-course are welcome.

Dr. Ulrich Möllenhoff
Fachanwalt für Steuerrecht Münster